I have had the pleasure of working with Samantha on one other occasion and her love for modeling and all things goth has produced some of my favorite work. She isn't afraid of a little dirt and definitely not snow! I only wish you could know how cold we were taking these photos. I have gotten many questions about why I am choosing to not edit out the profanity and graffiti on the walls of the abandoned home.

My answer is clear and simple: they are perfect they way they are. A good photographer is constantly aware of every aspect of his or her shot and not getting into an angle where I could crop the profanity out was intentional. I cannot imagine these photos without the grit.

Samantha, My Sweet Siren in Red December 31, 2012 Andover, NJ

“Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth“Goth “Goth“Goth“Goth “Goth“Goth “Goth “Goth “Goth“Goth “Goth “Goth

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