It was a bright and sunny day as my friend Jessie and I met at Starbucks. I was anxious and wanted to bail on her so bad. We had made plans to visitHenryton, the abandoned hospital in Marriottsville, MD, and I was scared of trespassing. Yes, I know... I am goody two shoes. We parked by the bridge, which was no longer in use and walked down to the river. As we crossed the river, we came upon the railroad tracks. To the right, there was a long, dark train tunnel. Did I mention I am very scared of the paranormal? We were in the tunnel when we heard someone yell down from the other side. I felt my heart stop. Jessie, being very outgoing, yelled back, which seemed to freak out the people who were yelling, except for someone who was just as outgoing as Jessie. Two guys and one girl. We ended up grouping together and touring around Henryton together.

That girl, a long-haired blonde, was Natalie. From then, Natalie has done numerous shoots with Jessie (photographer at Yoo-Neek Photography) and when Natalie and I set up a shoot, I was very excited to see her from behind the lens. Such soft and sweet features, I knew I wanted to push it a little. I wanted to see her in black, leather with heavy make up. But I also knew, I did not want to take her out of her element. So we melded the leather and lace. The photos came out beautifully and cannot wait to shoot with here again!

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