Let me start off by saying, all of these sessions were SO much fun. This year was my FIRST year having mini sessions! They were a lot of fun and I had a great time meeting tons of new people. I haven't been able to offer these in the past because I haven't been in the area for more than a few months... But now that I have some stability, I thought it might be fun to try out! Needless to say, I will be doing more in the coming years <3 Below are a few favorites from each session.

Jenn and Christy
This isn't the first time I photographed these three at the Homestead! It is amazing to see how much little Sam has grown. Jenn is one awesome god mother and Christy is one awesome mother! It was great to see the little man warm up to the camera as time went on. What a little model! These three are always so much fun and hope to photograph them again in a year or so to see how much everyone has grown. :)
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The Swartzbaugh Family
Heather and I go way back! We went to high school together and when she said she was interested in getting some family portraits done, I wondered if her family members were as full of life and sunny as her... They were. Though maybe not as loud... ;) I am kidding. We had a lot of fun and it was great practice for Dad before his daughter's big day which is coming up! Best of luck to you Heather!
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Carly and Company
Carly and her siblings are simply awesome. We had a lot of fun just roaming around and thinking of poses! You would think having that many siblings together might be a bit of chaos, yelling and arguing but everyone got along quite well. :) Such a beautiful family with so much love there. I was also glad I got to capture a few shots of Carly and her boyfriend at the end. They are adorable together!
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The Parisi Family
Jen and Dana have the most adorable little boy ever! And they have another on the way! How exciting. :) This little boy was the most energetic boy I have EVER photographed. Our session was spent walking ALL around the Homestead trying to catch up to him. So glad he had a fun time and I was glad that Mom let him jump into that puddle after our session was over! He had been wanting to do that once we started, haha.
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The Pilato Family
When I asked where they lived, I was more than shocked when they said they came from West Virginia. This family had quite the drive to get to Union Mills, MD!!! Also, three boys. Wow. You might think they would have been rambunctious and unruly since boys will be boys... but they were very respectful and had a lot of fun in the leaves, even little baby! Glad they made the journey because it was a lot of fun. :)
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The Read Family
This family is definitely full of life and love! The family got Grandma a mini session as a present since they didn't have any photos together really and I was glad I could help. :) It was great fun trying to pose the boys and trick some people into smiling big! Just sorry I was standing in front of the Ravens game at the time, haha. Hope they enjoy!
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