Part 2 of the mini sessions! These were taken at my parent's farm since it was 30 some degrees with 20 MPH winds that day. I needed an option for the beautiful children whom I was going to be photographing. :) It turned out well and my family's addition proved to be a beautiful indoor area (as always...)  

The Calleo Family

This family was one of the VERY first subjects when I upgraded my gear a few years ago! Back when Kira was a little baby girl. She has grown so much and has become a big sister! Lace and Cari are amazing parents and have raised a beautiful, respectful girl. The way she looks at her baby sister is just priceless. I hope to continue to photograph them as they grow. :)
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The Parham Family

This Momma has a beautiful family and a generous sister who gifted her with this session! It was great to meet these three. Whitney and I were handing off the blanket as we were walking around outside because it was FRIGID. Good sports! They didn't wear the pain on their faces, haha. Glad we got a good handful of indoor and outdoor! Only hope they had a good time. :)
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The High Family

This family actually won a session with me for being a benchmark Like on my photography page! Months later, they cashed in for some Christmas family photos and brought an adorable family pet who was adopted! Obviously, that spoke to my heart since all of cats (yes I am a cat lady) were adopted. I think the wind was at its fastest during their shoot... But it was definitely worth it! Had a great time with this very vivacious and loving family.
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The Bollinger Family

This is the woman who gave her sister an awesome Christmas present, if I do say so myself! Her husband has an extensive tractor collection and brought a BEAUTIFUL tractor as a prop to their shoot. If you see the previous shoot, I wasn't the only one who was impressed... I had a couple request to take a photo in front of it. These three did not complain about the wind and were super awesome! It was definitely hard choosing the best 15 photos. Another great family :)
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The Cole Family

And lastly for this post is Brittany and Josh's beautiful family! I have known Brittany since grade school and it's amazing to see how much life has changed since then. And her family with Josh is growing with the birth of their son, Ryder, who is an absolute cutie by the way. It felt like just yesterday that I was chasing Taylor and Trevor around a park in town with my camera. It's beautiful to see how much love is between these siblings! I hope they enjoy!!!
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