Mr & Mrs Smith were married September 21, 2013 at the beautiful Barn at Serra Valley Farms in Mt Airy, Md. I met Ashley through another bride and friend, Jordan. When she told me her theme was a country wedding, I was very intrigued! I hadn't photographed a country themed wedding before so I wonder what she would do for her decorations and what not. I was lucky enough to photograph the two of them with their newly born baby boy!!! Weston is adorable and in his tux at the wedding, he was even MORE adorable. I didn't think it was possible... When Max and I arrived, we were happy to see the rain was holding back because the venue was perfect. Horse pastures, fences, and one perfect indoor area... We walked in and I started drooling! All wood, beautiful wildflowers and horseshoes on the tables. It was country done right!

The day went smoothly and we got some perfect photos. Bill and Ashley reminded me of Max and I because Bill is QUITE a bit taller than Ashley... And they looked so perfect together standing before their friends and family saying their forevers. And they looked so perfect walking around the pasture holding hands as I snapped away. And they definitely looked so perfect during their first dance, Ashley's arms wrapped around Bill's neck and Bill bending slightly to put his hands on her back.

Best of luck to them as they continue to grow together!!!! <3

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This was my favorite part of the whole day. Ashley's sister wrote a beautiful speech and asked the DJ to read it since it was so emotional, there was a chance she wouldn't be able to finish. Seeing Ashley cry and Amanda smile loving at her sister was breathtaking.

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