I am on a roll with photographing a lot of old friends recently! Jessica and I have known each other since high school. We have seen each other grow, we have seen the ups and the downs. I was lucky enough to have her by my side at my wedding and cannot wait until her big day so I can return the favor. Jessica and Joe got engaged along the river at Harpers Ferry, WV so we know we had to return to do their engagement portraits. I know you can't really tell in these photos but it was 90+ degrees out on this day... This was also during the government shut down so it was a parking nightmare! We parked on the top of a hill about a mile or so away from our destination. I am surprised none of us collapsed, haha. Thank goodness for Joe and Max, who made sure Jessica and I were still breathing. ;) Shows how caring they are.

When I first met Joe, I thought he was a sweet, kindhearted boy who treated my best friend very well. And many years later, I still feel the same way. It's beautiful and magical to see how these two act together. Jessica's shell melts away when she gazes into his eyes. And when Joe looks at her, he sees not only her outer beauty, but also her beautiful soul. I can only hope that they cherish these photos, just as they cherish each other.

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