Mr and Mrs Harris were married at their church in New Market, MD, with a reception at Holly Hills Country Club in Frederick, MD. I don't even know where to start with this couple. When I meet up with Ali to go over her big day, I became more and more excited! As she told me about her dress and took me to the church where she would get married and the country club where the reception was going to be held... But I had no idea how beautiful it truly was going to be. It was a beautiful, sunny November day. Max and I arrived a little early and got to tour around New Market a bit. It's an adorable town. I remember when my mother used to take me to shop for antiques there. Ali was the most relaxed bride I have EVER seen. EVER. She even let me take her dress outside and photograph it on a tree! Which was totally worth it, by the way. Obviously Max hung the dress up... Anyone who knows me knows that I am less than 5' and knows that Max is 6' 3".

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The ceremony started. And seeing Jordan's face light up as Ali walked down the aisle was amazing. You know I love a good groom's reaction! But my favorite part was seeing Ali and Jordan stare into each other's eyes during the entire ceremony. You could feel the love between them as they stood before their family and friends.

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The rest of their day was equally as magical. Everything from their first dance to the group "What Did the Fox Say" dance. I hope they enjoy their photos and are enjoying their first few months of being husband and wife!!! -Love, Katie and Max

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