Beautiful Gothic Pinup Photo Shoot in Northern New Jersey

And for my 2nd 2017 blog, I am happy to show off another one of my great friends. Samantha is one of my favorite models to work with. When we first started, we were both novices with a passion for creating art. Max and I always go up to New Jersey for New Years Eve, so it quickly became a tradition to shoot on New Years Eve or New Years Day. 

Samantha and I are kindred spirits, in love with the romance of darkness. We are almost ALWAYS on the same page with our visions and creative goals. We were planning on an outdoor session but due to scheduling, we only had a little bit of time, so we did an impromptu shoot in her beautiful apartment in Northern NJ. And I am so glad we did! 

We had so much fun talking about life, love and everything in between. She also has such a lovely lingerie collection! When she suggested wearing La Perla bottoms and a delicate For Love and Lemons top, I was sold.

Always nice to have that reminder that art can be spontaneous and doesn't always need to have a plan. 

Location: Northern New Jersey, Outside of Montclair
Model: Samantha Jade
Photographer: Katie Venezia, Katie Vee Photography
Lingerie: For Love & Lemons / La Perla

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