Love is universal and the wedding of your dreams should be something you don’t need to settle on. All couples, of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and beliefs, should be able to show their passion and love for each other in any way they wish.

We are actually an offbeat couple, so of course we love non-traditional weddings! We are true lovers of video games, comic books, anime, goth culture… you name it. Above all else, we love and respect everyone’s interests and opinions. We want you to feel comfortable on your big day, not ashamed or nervous about being judged.



Weddings, We REALLY DO love them.

We love weddings. From the first kiss to the last dance – we love everything about them. It’s a day that is filled with fun, happiness and joy.
But what we love most about weddings is being able to capture everything that makes the couple's love special and unique.

Our love for soft, natural light creates the romantic look and feel to our portraits. Our photojournalistic style ensures that we catch every moment, big and small. We aim to capture a wedding day in its purest form, so our couples can relive their big day for years to come.

gorgeous natural white wedding cake with greenery
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Over the years, we have photographed many different types of weddings. Small weddings, big weddings, mansion weddings, church weddings, backyard weddings…we’ve seen a lot. Every wedding and couple is unique and beautiful in their own way. No two weddings are the same, just as no two couples are the same. We take the time to get to know our couples so we can ensure that we capture the very essence and soul of their love on their wedding day.

There are so many other stories out there that we have yet to hear, and we welcome you to share them with us! We love that you are in love and would enjoy nothing more than being able to capture your love story.


Tell us about your wedding!